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{ Jeremiah Slovarp }

{ Jeremiah } is a Re-recording Mixer, Sound Supervisor, ADR Recordist, and Sound Editor for many Film and TV markets. On numerous commercial pieces, TV episodes or series, and feature films, he works hard to make the listening experience believable. Jeremiah has been awarded seven Emmy Awards. In 2011 Jeremiah won his first Emmy Award for “Audio” on 11th & Grant with Eric Funk. He has since won a total of three craft Emmy Awards for “Audio” and four for “Program Special – Arts & Entertainment” as the Audio Director of the 11th & Grant with Eric Funk television series on Montana PBS.

Located in the Peach Street Studios building, Jeremiah mixes and records in the Jereco Studios dubbing stage & facility. He is faculty and Technical Director at Montana State University’s School of Music where he teaches entertainment business, recording arts, music technology, and sound for film & television.

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